Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR commitment

Sofina has translated its CSR commitment, values and contemplated actions into a clear policy that allows the Company to meet the aspirations of its stakeholders and to create empathy for a broader “Purpose & Patience” project. The cornerstone of the project is our commitment to implement the recommendations on CSR issued by the United Nations in our investment processes. Our CSR policy is divided into four main themes that are in turn divided into specific commitments.

Our investments

1. Sofina shall implement
the recommendations on CSR issued by the United Nations in its investment processes to better manage risk and generate sustainable long-term returns.

Our people

2. We promote
diversity and work

as one team.

 3. We build
a good place to work for all people and aim to be a responsible employer.

4. We support
life-long learning
and have a growth mindset approach.

Our communities

5. We are
socially engaged
and support initiatives promoting cultural and social development in our communities.

6. We comply with
laws and regulations
favour spirit over the letter.

7. We strive to
implement the best governance practices at all levels.

Our environment

8. We strive to
reduce our environmental footprint.

9. We raise
awareness on environmental issues.


EUR 1 million

Annual budget for the Platform
for Education and Talent


Scholarships granted by the
Platform since its foundation


Students supported by the
“Boost for Talents” programme

Sofina co-founded in 2011 the Platform for Education and Talent ( the “Platform”) together with Union Financière Boël SA, Société de Participations
Industrielles SA and Henex SA. The Platform, supported by the King Baudouin Foundation, is managed by a Monitoring Committee composed of representatives of the founders and chaired by an independent member, Jacques Levy-Morelle. With an annual budget of EUR 1 million, the Platform’s ambition is to “support the emergence and reinforcement of talents by either giving individual grants or by supporting the projects or organizations committed to comparable objectives” (source: Charter of the Platform).

The Platform has identified three intervention areas which it supports since its origin, some of which it chaired at their creation:

1. Granting scholarships to students from Belgian universities

to enable them to complete their education at a renowned university abroad.

2. Granting scholarships to talented young Belgian craftsmen

to support their training in the heritage arts. This allows them to work with the best professionals and trainers of their discipline in Europe.

3. “Boost for Talents”:

to help the transition between secondary school and higher education or university for teenagers from socially deprived environments.

Further details regarding our philanthropic activities can be found in our Annual Report and on the platform website: