Our purpose and mission

We aspire to be the preferred partners of entrepreneurs and families who lead growing companies by backing them with patient capital and supportive advice

Our goal at Sofina is to create economic value with a human face. We believe that the entrepreneurial spirit that characterises many family businesses is a source of progress and innovation. By supporting these entrepreneurs and innovators, we intend to contribute to global growth, development and innovation.

We believe entrepreneurs are only successful if they are competitive in a globalised market. Our mission, therefore, is to support families and entrepreneurs in developing their businesses, through the provision of patient capital, expertise and advice, coupled with a long-term horizon that few other investors can match.

Our heritage and our culture is what distinguishes us. We put human relationships at the heart of what we do. All our investments are stories of shared values, of friendships, and of ambitious projects with talented entrepreneurs and their management teams. By continually working in this way, we aspire to become the preferred investment partner for all those who share our beliefs and vision.

What makes us unique

We take a long term view investing from our own balance sheet

We only take minority ownership positions

We have an invaluable understanding of family dynamics and we work
for successive generations

Common vision
alignment of interests is what guides all our decisions

Discretion is one of
our core values

We are reactive and have
a fast decision-making process



We offer decade of cumulated experience and expertise
in a wide range of sectors and situations

Our investments have
a global footprint

We bring our partners an international network
of key decision-makers

We are viewed
as pragmatic and

We are a reliable partner through industry cycles, for good and bad times


3 investment pillars




Long term minority investments


~ 50% of the shareholders’ equity

Equity commitment € 75 M – € 200 M

Mainly in Europe




Investments in top tier Venture Capital and Private Equity funds

~ 27% of the shareholders’ equity

€ 10 M – € 20 M Equity commitment

Mainly exposed to the US and Asia

Venture Capital and Growth Equity




Sofina Growth
– Investments in fast-growing businesses

~ 13% of the shareholders’ equity

€ 15 M – € 50 M Investment size

Emerging countries

In partnership with trusted partners