Our ESG commitments

Our ESG commitments are based on the belief that working towards having a positive impact on our Investment activities, our People, our Communities and our Environment is not only what needs to be done, but will create sustainable value for our shareholders, our portfolio companies and will contribute to drive performance.

Our ESG commitments are present in four areas, which are in turn divided into specific commitments:


Our Investment activities

We implement the recommendations issued by the United Nations on ESG in our investment decision processes in order to better manage risks while generating sustainable returns over the long term.


Our People

We promote diversity, inclusion and a collaborative organization.

We build a fulfilling workplace for everyone and aim at being a responsible employer.

We support permanent learning, personal development and dynamic career management with a growth mindset approach.


Our Communities

Philanthropic initiatives and community actions

We are socially engaged and support initiatives promoting cultural and social development in our communities.

Compliance and governance

We are attentive to regulatory developments and have high ethical standards.

We strive to implement the best governance practices at all levels.


Our Environment

We strive to reduce our environmental footprint.

We raise awareness on environmental issues.