Our environment

We strive to reduce our environmental footprint

We measure the environmental footprint of our operations on a yearly basis and set clear goals to reduce our CO2 emissions and offset all our remaining CO2 emissions

We encourage eco-friendly mobility alternatives through

  • our sustainable travel policy that encourages the use of train and car pooling for travelling, the choice of eco-friendly accommodation, the increase of virtual meetings and the offsetting of remaining emissions
  • our sustainable mobility policy that encourages the use of public transport, e-bikes, shared mobility and requires low CO2 emission company cars.

We are carbon neutral since 2020

(for Sofina’s operations: scopes 1 and 2 as well as travel and transport)

We develop eco-friendly activities and practices

  • by reducing our printings
  • by placing recycle bins in our offices
  • by systematically choosing sustainable solutions (non-disposable cutlery and water dispensers, etc.) for our offices.

We raise awareness on environmental issues

We encourage our stakeholders to adopt a proactive attitude on environmental issues

We launch internal initiatives to raise awareness on our environment