Our ESG approach

As an investment company, Sofina has adopted a two-fold approach towards ESG matters: as an investor and as a company (i.e. considering its operations)

Sofina as an investor

  • We intend to continuously make progress on our path to become a contributor to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (the “SDGs”) and favour investments in companies whose products and services or operating models contribute directly to the SDGs alongside like-minded investors aligned with our values. 
  • We further support our portfolio companies in their ESG journey during our holding period.
  • Sofina is a signatory of the UNPRI. Our Responsible Investment Policy incorporates ESG considerations in every step of the decision-making process and during the monitoring of the investment. 

Traditional investor

Little or no attention to ESG issues


ESG risk mitigator

Implementing a wide range of ESG considerations and screening of products


SDG contributor

Focus on ESG opportunities through investment selections and portfolio management

Sofina as a company

Sofina tackles ESG considerations as a company with an equal focus on the environmental, social and governance aspects. In this respect, we take many initiatives to be sustainable, to minimise as far as possible our environment footprint and to have a positive impact on our communities and stakeholders. To frame this ambition, we focus on: 



Striving to reduce our environmental footprint

Raising awareness on environmental issues



Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Being a responsible employer

Supporting initatives that foster cultural and social development



Applying the best governance practices

Maintaining high standards of compliance, ethics, and integrity