Sofina as an investor

Our role as a long-term shareholder and investor is to foster sustainable growth. We believe that assessing the impact of our actions and portfolio companies in environmental, social and governance areas and engaging with our communities form the foundation for long-term sustainable value creation.

Based on these founding principles, we are committed, with the support of our majority shareholder and our Board of Directors, to pursuing our investment activity as a responsible investor as defined by the UNPRI, taking ESG factors into account in our investment decisions and through our conduct as a shareholder and member of the governing bodies of our portfolio companies.

We believe that giving attention to ESG issues reduces risk and creates value, while having a positive impact on society. Although we invest as a minority shareholder and therefore do not have direct control over the ESG initiatives of our portfolio companies or our Fund managers, ESG factors are taken into account and discussed with our partners when the investment is made and promoted throughout our time with the company concerned, thanks to our role in governance bodies and as a partner and shareholder.