Colruyt Group*

Colruyt is active in food distribution in Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

* At 31 December 2019 Sofina is represented in the decision making bodies of the company.



Shareholding percentage


Sales on 31/03/2019

EUR 9.4 bn



Colruyt is a Belgian family business active in food distribution in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. It manages stores directly (Colruyt, OKay, Bio-Planet and Cru) and through a network of independent retailers (Spar and Alvo).

The group is also involved in direct distribution to professionals (Solucious), to non-food businesses (DreamLand, Dreambaby, ZEB and DATS 24), and to renewable energy production businesses (Parkwind).

Our partner in this investment is the Colruyt family. Colruyt and Sofina celebrated the 40th anniversary of their collaboration in 2015. The family has always played a key role in the decision-making bodies of the group and today Jef Colruyt (chair of the board, CEO and co-COO) is at the helm of this Belgian market leader.

Investment history

Belgium | 1975

Sofina’s investment in Colruyt dates back to 1975, when the group was still only a small player in the food retail market in Belgium. In the first few years, Sofina reinvested in the company on several occasions, giving Colruyt the financial base necessary for its development.

Sofina is a member of the board of directors and has a representative serving as chairman of the audit committee.