Hillebrand is a global leading service provider in the shipping, transportation and logistics of beverages and products that require special care.

* At 31 December 2019 Sofina is represented in the decision making bodies of the company.


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Hillebrand is a privately-owned international logistics service provider based in Germany, operating in two specific niche markets: beer, wine and spirits, and industrial bulk. 

Exclusively dedicated to transport logistics solutions, the company offers a wide array of solutions and services for cased beverages, bulk wine and beer in barrels, to which was added the management of the empty barrel supply chain for breweries through the company Satellite Logistics Group, which the group acquired in 2013. Prior to that, in 2007, Hillebrand acquired Trans Ocean, provider of fully integrated logistics solutions for non-hazardous liquids for over 35 years. Currently, Trans Ocean focuses on three different product categories: mineral oils, chemicals and food products.

Investment history

Germany | 2016

In August 2016, Cobepa, an independent privately-held investment company headquartered in Belgium, and Sofina acquired a 31.56% shareholding in Hillebrand from MOL Logistics. MOL is a Japanese shipping line and was a historical partner of Hillebrand. Following this transaction, Cobepa, which was already present in the capital of Hillebrand, became the majority shareholder of the group.

Sofina is represented on the board of directors and on the audit committee of Hillebrand.