Luxempart is an investment company listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange managing a portfolio of listed and non-listed holdings.

* At 31 December 2019 Sofina is represented in the decision making bodies of the company.


Holdings and asset managers

Shareholding percentage


Net asset value as of 30/06/2019

EUR 1.46 bn

Share of the “specialized teams” activity in portfolio


Direct investments


Luxempart is active as a professional shareholder and manages since 1988 a portfolio of holdings mainly in Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany. Luxempart’s investment activities are organized around two main areas: “direct investments” and “specialized teams”.

The team in charge of direct investments is based in Luxembourg and focuses on identifying and executing direct transactions mainly in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH region). This activity is complemented by associated specialized teams that manage smaller investments in unlisted companies, investment funds and Private Investments in Public Equity (“PIPE”). The Specialized Teams are actively involved on the ground via local partners to bring their experience and support to Luxempart portfolio companies.

Investment history

Luxembourg | 1992

The head office of Luxempart is based in Luxembourg. Sofina has been a shareholder in Luxempart since 1992, when the current leading shareholders of Luxempart acquired BIL Participations.

Luxempart’s board of directors is composed of 12 members, including seven independent members. Sofina has a representative at the board of the company. Sofina’s representative also chairs the audit, compliance and risk committee.