SALTO Systems is a global leader in the development and production of leading-edge electronic access control solutions, particularly in sectors where security is critical.

* Sofina is represented in the decision-making bodies of the company.


Digital transformation

Shareholding percentage


Sales on 31/12/2022
(not yet audited)

EUR 385 m



Access points installed worldwide

7 m+

International presence

41 countries

SALTO Systems is widely recognised as a global market leader in smart electronic access control solutions across a broad range of industries and applications. It develops and manufactures worldclass hardware and software access control products, smart locker systems management, face recognition, visitor ID management, cashless payment and ticketing & booking solutions. For more than 20 years, SALTO has been synonymous with innovative solutions, including stand-alone, cloud-based, and mobile applications that set new standards in security, manageability, flexibility, and design, that bring real-world benefits to virtually any door and building type regardless of the industry, size, type of door, or number of users. 

Powering impactful sustainability, technology, products and solutions while delivering an enhanced user experience, SALTO smart building solutions are in use worldwide in a never-ending range of challenging and unique applications and facilities. SALTO’s own offices are complemented with a partner network that extends to every region of the globe.

The company caters to prestigious customers in education (e.g. Princeton University, University of Oxford), hospitality (e.g. Hilton, Meliá Hotels and Resorts), healthcare (e.g. Cleveland Clinic), the public sector (e.g. Assemblée Nationale), Working Spaces (e.g. IWG Group, The Executive Center), business (bv. T-Mobile), retail (e.g. BBVA, Migros) and residential (e.g. Greystar).

Investment history

Spain | 2020

In 2020, Sofina took a minority stake in SALTO, alongside existing shareholders such as Alantra and new investors such as Peninsula Capital and Florac, as part of a capital increase and a secondary transaction. The funds raised through this transaction allowed Salto to acquire Gantner Electronic Austria Holding GmbH, an Austrian company specialised in access systems, electronic locking and locker systems, cashless payment, cash register and billing systems, staff time recording systems as well as ticketing and management software for leisure facilities.