Sustainability in our operations

Environmental aspect

We strive to reduce our environmental footprint

We measure the environmental footprint of our operations on a yearly basis and set clear goals to reduce our CO2 emissions and offset all our remaining CO2 emissions

We reduce our environmental impact in our operations


  • Greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions reduction targets 
  • Waste management in the workplace 
  • Sustainable building renovations 
  • Soft mobility 
  • Use of electric cars 
  • Reduction of business travel 

We develop eco-friendly activities and practices


  • by reducing our printings
  • by placing recycle bins in our offices
  • by systematically choosing sustainable solutions (non-disposable cutlery and water dispensers, etc.) for our offices.

We raise awareness on environmental issues

We encourage our stakeholders to adopt a proactive attitude on environmental issues

We launch internal initiatives to raise awareness on our environment

Social aspect

Our people

Human relationships are central to our mission and our employees are key to the organisation. Our preferred access to attractive investment opportunities also relies considerably on our diverse teams representing the world in which we invest, key people and their business relationships. Our human approach and extensive business network is therefore at the core of our track record and success. As such, it is important for Sofina to ensure we are able to attract and retain qualified and diversified talents.

Our people


87 colleagues in three offices





Agile and motivated 

Learn and evolve  

Training and development 



One Team approach 


Diversity and inclusion:

Nationality diversity 

Gender diversity 

Age diversity 



Well-being and team building 

Comfort and modern offices 

Work-life balance 

Healthcare insurance 

Civic and volunteering initiatives 

Positive impact on communities 

Governance aspect

We are attentive to regulatory developments and have high ethical standards

We closely monitor regulatory developments in regions where we are active.

We carefully review the investment structure and policies of our portfolio and target companies for compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We comply with international rules and regulations on human rights and rights of the child, anti-bribery and anti-money laundering.

Sofina’s Code of Conduct is central to these commitments. The Code of Conduct embodies Sofina’s values and ensures all employees and Board members comply with these principles.

The Sofina Dealing Code provides a framework to employees and advisors to ensure compliance with the Market Abuse Regulation.
The Code of Conduct and the Dealing Code are both presented to each newcomer and all employees are required to attend a compliance training and complete a compliance questionnaire once a year. The Compliance Officer ensures these codes are effectively complied with.

We strive to implement the best governance practices at all levels

Our governance practices at Sofina level (composition of the board, board committees, decision-making process at management level) and in the relationships with our stakeholders allow each party to fully play its role and assume its responsibilities.

We avoid any conflict of interest, or appearance of conflicts of interest, through transparency and proactive dealing with any situation of potential conflict of interest.