Our strategy

Our strategy

Purpose & Patience: we invest patient capital in growth companies managed by like-minded entrepreneurs and partners.

The Sofina way…


Strong relationships

We build strong and privileged relationships with entrepreneurs and partners who share our vision and values


Pillars of our strategy


Active participation

We are active members of the governing bodies of our portfolio companies and have extensive experience and expertise in a wide range of strategic situations


Shared expertise and network

We bring expertise in our focus sectors through our guidance, our market knowledge and our international network


A responsible investor

We integrate ESG considerations into our decision-making process as well as in the assessment of the performance of our portfolio companies and support them in their initiatives


One team - one global portfolio

We manage our holdings as a single portfolio with one integrated team with the necessary skills and diversity to implement our strategy

…in action


Complementary investment styles


Focus sectors


Key regions

  • Investments as a minority shareholder: Sofina invests as a minority shareholder in private and listed companies with a long-term horizon.
  • Diversified portfolio : Sofina has a diversified portfolio both at geographical and sector level through its three investment styles.
  • Growth investor: Sofina aims to invest with a global footprint in growth companies based in Europe, Asia (India, China and Southeast Asia) and the US

Our ESG strategy

We are convinced that working towards having a positive impact on the environmental, societal and governance aspects (“ESG”) as a company and as an investor is not only what needs to be done, but will create sustainable value for our stakeholders and our portfolio companies.

Sofina as a company



We reduce our environmental footprint by limiting our energy consumption and promoting green mobility 



We promote diversity, inclusion and a collaborative organization

We build a fulfilling workplace for all involved and aim to be a responsible employer

We support permanent training, personal development and dynamic career management of our people through our growth mindset approach

We are socially engaged by supporting initiatives promoting cultural and social development within our communities



We have high ethical standards, and carry out our actions in compliance with applicable laws and regulations

We implement best governance-practices at all levels of the organisation

Sofina as an investor


Traditional investor

Little or no attention to ESG issues


ESG risk mitigator

Integrating ESG considerations into the decision making from a risk perspective


SDG(1) contributor

Focus on ESG opportunities through investment decisions and portfolio management

(1) Sustainable Development Goals – set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations.

Sofina’s ambition is to steadily evolve towards the position of  SDG contributor as investor and owner

  • Sofina is a signatory of the UNPRI since 2019
  • ESG considerations are embedded in our investment decision process in accordance with our Responsible Investment Policy
  • Sofina assesses the ESG performance of its portfolio companies and new investments through an ESG framework developed internally and with the support of specialised external consultants
  • The ESG assessment of existing and new portfolio companies can lead to action plans or the launch of specific initiatives
  • Sofina interacts on ESG matters with its portfolio companies as owner and member of the governing bodies
  • Sofina favours investments in companies whose products and services, or the way they conduct business, directly contribute to the SDGs.