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6 September 2018 after 5.40 pm

Half year financial report 2018


January 2019

Sofina Newsletter #3


28 March 2019 after 5.40 pm

Annual report 2018


2 May 2019 at 3 pm

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders


July 2019

Sofina Newsletter #4


5 September 2019 after 5.40 pm

Half year financial report 2019

Annual Report

A family controlled investment company

A family run and controlled investment company
~ € 6.2 Bn of shareholders’ equity
Listed on Euronext Brussels (SOF.BR) ~45% free float
22 investment professionals
Offices in Brussels, Luxembourg and Singapore
Strong foothold in Europe
Global equity investments
3 complementary investment styles

Our strategy

Sofina invests as the minority partner of leading shareholders involved in running the companies

We position ourselves as a supportive partner who shares a common vision and horizon with the main shareholder.

Sofina is an investment company with a long-term view on its partnerships. Our objective is to create value over the long term. We have been working with some of our partners for decades; this kind of patience is often rewarded by outsized returns.

We have helped build many success stories with entrepreneurs and families in Europe, and partnerships with top-tier investors in the United States and more recently in Asia.

Our investments have a global footprint with an attenuation of risks thanks to our diversified portfolio. We bring to our partners a wide network of decision-makers, decades of strategy, financial and corporate governance experience. We are viewed as a pragmatic and positive partner.

Our team

As an entrepreneurial and family-controlled business, we understand how to operate in similar family-driven and entrepreneurial environments

Discretion, humility and hard work are the values we strive to bring forward. Our professionals are recognized for the complementarity of their skills, their rigor, their persistence and reactivity.

The team is stable and experienced, and their incentives are aligned on the long term success of Sofina.

As directors of investee companies, we seek first and foremost to achieve a deep understanding of the challenges the company we are invested in, its management and shareholders are facing.

The cumulated experience of our managers – who collectively attend dozens of board and committee meetings yearly, enables them to ask the right questions to help guide strategy, finance and governance, and to bring a new perspective to the Boardroom.