Our mission

We aspire to be the preferred partner of entrepreneurs and families who lead growing companies by backing them with patient capital and supportive advice

Our goal at Sofina is to create economic value with a human approach

We believe that the entrepreneurial spirit that differentiates many family businesses and growth companies is a source of progress. By supporting these entrepreneurs and innovators, we intend to contribute to global growth, development and innovation.

We believe successful entrepreneurs have to be competitive in a globalised market

Our mission is to provide patient capital, expertise and advice, to growing companies led by entrepreneurs and families and to support them as a long-term partner with a horizon few other investors can match.

Our heritage and culture make us unique

We put human relationships at the heart of what we do. All our investments are stories of shared values, friendships, and ambitious projects with talented entrepreneurs and their management teams. By following these principles, we aspire to be the preferred investment partner of all stakeholders sharing our beliefs and vision.