Long-term minority investments

Long-term minority investments

Long-term minority investments

Long-term minority investments

Minority stakes in private and listed companies

Patient capital and reference shareholder with a long-term horizon to create sustainable value

32% of the portfolio in transparency (1)

Investment size between EUR 100 million and EUR 300 million

Taking account of Environmental, Social and Governance criteria in our investment decisions

Flexible approach seeking alignment with trusted partners

Companies mainly in Europe with global exposure

In partnership with entrepreneurs and families for 60 years

(1) Based on the fair value of the Sofina group’s investments at 31 December 2023 (portfolio in transparency).

Activity description

For more than 60 years, Sofina has been the partner of entrepreneurs, families and management teams to support growth and create sustainable value.


Sofina invests in companies on a long-term growth path; we strive for seamless alignment with our partner shareholders who are often involved in the management of the company. Our long-term view, our strategic and sector experience, financial wherewithal, further enhanced by Sofina’s broad and global network are the contribution we bring to our portfolio companies’ growth projects. We are active and constructive members of the company’s board and are involved in the development of strategic initiatives and in actively sharing best practices on ESG related matters with the support of specialists. Our large capital base affords us patience and the ability to support our companies’ growth through capital expenditures or acquisitions. Our approach is flexible and next to growth initiatives, we are also able to provide liquidity to existing shareholders or support with other like-minded and aligned partners sponsor-less buy-outs.



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