Sofina Growth - Investments in fast-growing businesses

Sofina Growth - Investments in fast-growing businesses

Sofina Growth - Investments in fast-growing businesses


Minority stakes in private and listed companies


Patient capital and reference shareholder with a long-term horizon to create sustainable value

21% of the portfolio in transparency (1)

Investment size between EUR 20 million and EUR 100 million

Taking account of Environmental, Social and Governance criteria in our investment decisions

Flexible approach seeking alignment with trusted partners

High-growth sectors with a global approach

First investment in 2010

(1) Based on the fair value of the Sofina group’s investments at 31 December 2023 (portfolio in transparency).

Activity description

Sofina Growth is focused on investing in fast-growing businesses within our target sectors (Consumer and retail, Digital transformation, Education and Healthcare and life sciences).


Sofina Growth centres on backing talented founders operating rapidly growing companies in our key focus sectors. Our portfolio has a global footprint, but we are prioritising opportunities in Western Europe, Asia (India, China and Southeast Asia) and the United States. We are targeting businesses with a demonstrated product-market fit risk, proven economics and limited technology risk. Having a closely held and aligned shareholder base as well as a founding team involved in the management of the company are important factors for us.

Sofina has the flexibility to take a lead investor or follower role in financing rounds (from Series B and beyond) and has developed a rapid and transparent decision-making process to assess new investment opportunities within this investment strategy.
Given the evergreen nature of our capital, Sofina is able to extend holding periods and reinvest in successive rounds in high conviction portfolio companies. Furthermore, Sofina’s added value includes the ability for its partners to tap into its global network of portfolio companies, investors and other contacts. We usually seek board representation and actively support portfolio companies in their strategic priorities.

ESG is at the core of our investment philosophy, and we have designed a customized framework to assess a target company’s track record on ESG-related matters before investing, taking into account elements such as its internal operations or the broader impact on society. Furthermore, we strive to help portfolio companies to improve on ESG-related matters during our holding period.


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