Sofina Growth - Investments in fast-growing businesses

Sofina Growth - Investments in fast-growing businesses

Sofina Growth - Investments in fast-growing businesses

19% of the Net Asset Value (1)


Minority stakes in private companies

Priority given to investment opportunities where trusted partners are present

High-growth sectors with a global approach

Investment size between EUR 20 m and EUR 100 m

First investment in 2010

Transparent and fast investment process

Taking into account Environmental, Social and Governance criteria in our investment decisions

(1) Considering the portfolio in transparency as at 30 June 2022.

Activity description

Under the Sofina Growth investment style, Sofina has built a portfolio of companies focusing on growth themes within the Consumer and retail, Digital transformation, Education and Healthcare sectors.


We invest in Asia (India, China and South-East Asia), Western Europe and the United States. Sofina has developed a rapid decision-making process to assess potential new investments opportunities within this investment style. We focus on situations where we can provide capital to companies in late venture/early growth funding rounds. Our holding periods would typically be tied to those of the other investors, but given the evergreen nature of our capital, Sofina is able to be present in the cap table and reinvest successive round after successive round.

Furthermore, Sofina’s added value includes the ability for its partners to tap into its vast network of portfolio companies, investors and other relations globally. Sofina focuses on rapidly growing companies with prospects of attaining profitability in the near future. These companies are generally in a development phase, where technology risk and product-market fit risk have been substantially reduced. Sofina Growth typically invests alongside well-aligned and trusted partners, frequently one of our GPs or other reputable investors. Target companies are privately-owned with a concentrated shareholder base and a founding team who continues to play a significant role in the company’s ownership and management.


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