Our three investment styles

Long-term minority investments

Long-term minority investments represent the main part of Sofina group’s activities. Sofina invests in healthy and closely-held companies with sustainable growth alongside a family or an entrepreneur with meaningful skin in the game.

The investment size is ideally between EUR 100 million and EUR 300 million for a minority stake. 

The portfolio consists mainly of companies headquartered in Europe, with worldwide activities.

Sofina Private Funds – Investments in venture and growth capital funds

Supporting founders and entrepreneurs is part of Sofina’s DNA. This is also done through its investments in top-tier investment funds with a strong bias towards venture and growth strategies.

The key regions of the portfolio include North America, Asia Pacific (APAC) and Europe.

Due to the high quality of the fund managers we invest in, the fund investment activity functions as an important deal flow feeder for Sofina Growth.

Sofina Growth –  Investments in fast-growing businesses

Sofina Growth invests globally in fast-growing companies which are less mature than the long-term minority investments and have a higher risk-return profile.

The approach consists of investing alongside trusted partners in transactions where Sofina Growth can invest up to EUR 100 million.

The portfolio has a global footprint (Asia, Europe, US).