Dott is a micromobility company operating a fleet of shared eScooters in 7 countries and 18 cities in Europe.

* Sofina is represented in the decision-making bodies of the company.

Their mission is to free our cities with clean rides for everyone by creating an available, reliable and affordable service that works for everyone, everywhere. The high density of Western European cities, combined with an increasingly mobile lifestyle and a favourable cultural and regulatory environment, drive the demand for green micromobility alternatives.

The company was founded in 2018 by Henri Moissinac and Maxim Romain. Henri was previously at Ofo (Head of Business Europe), Uber (Head of Consumer BD EMEA), Facebook (Head of Mobile), and eBay (Head of Mobile) to which he sold his first company iBazar. Maxim was previously at Wayfair (CEO Europe), Ofo (Head of EMEA), and Decathlon (Global Supply Chain Manager).

The Netherlands | 2021


Transport and logistics