Groupe Petit Forestier*

Groupe Petit Forestier is the European leader in refrigeration rentals, including vehicles, furniture and containers.

* At 31 December 2019 Sofina is represented in the decision making bodies of the company.


Commercial and professional services

Shareholding percentage


Sales on 31/12/2019

EUR 809 m.





Sites in France and Europe


Established in 1907 by the Forestier family, Groupe Petit Forestier is the European leader in refrigeration rentals with over 15,000 customers and a fleet of over 58,500 vehicles.

Groupe Petit Forestier is strongly committed to developing its know-how almost exclusively in the refrigeration business, and its current portfolio of products covers the rental of vehicles, furniture and refrigerated containers. The group’s development policy focuses on four major areas: organic growth, international growth, specialisation and service. The recent acquisition of New York-based Mendon Leasing Truck Rental was a new milestone in the development of Groupe Petit Forestier, which is now exporting its expertise in refrigeration rentals to the North American continent. 

Investment history

France | 2007

In August 2007, Sofina acquired a 19.9% stake in Groupe Petit Forestier, the holding company controlling entirely its affiliate companies. The Forestier family still holds the majority of the capital of the holding company. 

Sofina is represented with two directors seats on the supervisory committee.