Veepee is the European leader in online event sales and the expert in clearance sales for major brands.

* Sofina is represented in the decision-making bodies of the company.


Consumer and retail

Shareholding percentage


International presence

10 countries


60 m+

Major brands


Founded in 2001, Veepee, formerly vente-privee, is one of the largest e-commerce websites in Europe and specialises in clearance sales at discounted prices of major brands. The company has developed the concept of online event sales through its website Sales are limited in time (usually three to five days) and organised in close collaboration with over 6,000 international brands so as to offer heavily discounted prices.

The group is active in several sectors, including fashion, travel, entertainment and wine. Present in ten countries, Veepee has expanded its activities in Europe and Latin America through various acquisitions: Vente-Exclusive, Privalia and, gathered under the name Veepee.

The group is still controlled by its founders through their holding Oredis.

Investment history

France | 2016

The Veepee group is based in Seine-Saint-Denis, France. The acquisition of Privalia in April 2016 by Veepee led to the exit of Sofina from the capital of Privalia, where it had been present since 2013. This Privalia acquisition operation by Veepee enabled Sofina to become better acquainted with the group and initiate discussions that eventually led to Sofina becoming a minority shareholder.

Sofina has a representative on the Board and is also represented on the strategic committee.