Maison Chapoutier is one of the leading wine producers in the Rhône Valley and is present in other regions. Maison Chapoutier is a leader in biodynamic wine-growing.

* At 31 December 2019 Sofina is represented in the decision making bodies of the company.


Consumer goods

Direct and indirect shareholding percentage


Sales on 31/12/2019

+ EUR 65 m.

Sales outside France


Bottles produced per year

11 m.

Michel Chapoutier has been running the company for 30 years and has given the business an international dimension thanks to a powerful marketing strategy, driven by exceptional domain names, a longstanding high-quality standard and a pioneering position in biodynamic wine-growing. These efforts have been praised by critics and have resulted in numerous awards and mentions in specialised journals. On the strength of its large vineyard in full ownership or under management (nearly 500 ha), the business has grown its outsourcing activity, which has enabled it to meet fast-growing demand. The group relies on a large sales force throughout the world, which recently has been profiting from the trend in wine tourism.

Finally, the group has sizeable unexploited land assets, which constitute a valuable reserve and offer ample production capacity for the long term.

Investment history

France | 2007

Sofina acquired a stake in the share capital of the company in 2007. It has since had the opportunity to support the expansion of the Chapoutier Group on three occasions, participating in new capital increases to finance the expansion of production capacity and the acquisition of vineyards.

Sofina increased its stake in 2018 thanks to a secondary transaction in the holding company. Sofina is a member of the board of directors and supports the company by being active on various sub-committees.