Approach towards sustainability

Purpose & Patience, our two guiding principles in our investments, also apply to Sofina’s approach towards sustainability. As an investment company, we adopt a two-fold approach towards sustainability: as a responsible investor and in our operations.

Sofina as a Responsible investor


We build relationships with partners who share our values and approach towards sustainability.  


We are committed to making continuous progress to move from mitigating ESG-related risks alone to making a net positive impact through our investments and our stewardship. 


We aim to reduce the environmental footprint of our portfolio companies, through discussing their sustainability roadmaps with them and monitoring and encouraging them to develop greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions reduction targets in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement. 

At Sofina Direct:

  • We target companies having a net positive impact through their products and services and/or through the way they operate from an ESG perspective.  
  • We engage with our portfolio companies to encourage and support them in their journey to embed sustainability into their strategy, improve their ESG governance and performance and in developing products and services that could bring environmental or social benefits. 

At Sofina Private Funds:

  • We target General Partners that incorporate sustainability into their investment strategy and operations. 

Sustainability in our operations 

Sofina tackles ESG considerations as a company with an equal focus on the environmental, social and governance aspects. In this respect, we take many initiatives to be sustainable, to minimise as far as possible our environment footprint and to have a positive impact on our communities and stakeholders. To frame this ambition, we focus on: 



Striving to reduce our environmental footprint

Raising awareness on environmental issues



Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace

Being a responsible and caring employer

Supporting initiatives
that foster cultural and social development



Applying the best governance practices

Maintaining high standards of compliance, ethics, and integrity